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The Weekly Abolitionist: Stop Caging Kids
This week marks the 2014 National Week of Action Against Incarcerating Youth. Across the country, actions will be held to protest everything from the criminalization of queer and disabled youth to the isolation of youth in solitary confinement. Ultimately, what activists are protesting is systematic child abuse by the state. Kids are being locked in…
Are NSA Efforts To Quell Leaking Too Little Too Late?
NSA analyst Edward Snowden shook the intelligence community as well as the public when he released a trove of secret NSA files to the world. In the aftermath of his action, the United States government reared its aggressive head as it worked very hard to capture and imprison him. In the process a global drama…
Free the Holy Land Five
This is naked political repression by the state, and amounts to nothing less than the criminalization of compassion and solidarity.
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Fighting Fascism
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The Anatomy of Escape
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