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Giustizia Riparatrice e Responsabilità nella Violenza Sessuale
Di Emmi Bevensee. Originale pubblicato il 18 settembre 2017 con il titolo Restorative Justice and Sexual Violence Accountability. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Noi anarchici siamo fortemente contrari al sistema carcerario e alle logiche punitive dello stato. Per questo cerchiamo alternative, puntiamo ad un processo di accertamento della colpa che metta al centro comunità e vittima,…
Restorative Justice and Sexual Violence Accountability
Anarchists take a hard stand against the prison system and carceral, punitive, and statist punishments schemas. As a result, we seek alternatives and tend to veer towards community and survivor-led accountability processes with a generally restorative and transformative intention. Restorative justice (RJ) is an approach towards dealing with harm done that focuses on repairing the…
The Weekly Abolitionist: Chris Burbank and the Myth of “Good Cops”
Last week, Radley Balko published an interesting piece on the question “After Ferguson, how should police respond to protests?”  He contrasted the militarized approach seen in Ferguson and in the Battle of Seattle with less reactionary and more cooperative forms of policing. One police chief Balko praised was Chris Burbank of Salt Lake City, my hometown….
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