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Sotto il Capitalismo?
Di Kevin Carson. Originale pubblicato l’undici settembre 2019 con il titolo “Under Capitalism”? Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Con due recenti articoli di altrettanti autori di C4SS, Frank Miroslav e Black Cat sostenevano, il primo, che dire “non c’è consumo etico nel capitalismo” è qualcosa che “spegne la mente”, mentre il secondo ribatteva che non esiste…
“Under Capitalism”?
In a couple of earlier pieces, C4SS writers Frank Miroslav and Black Cat argued, respectively, that the frequently stated principle “there is no ethical consumption under capitalism” is a “thought-stopping cliche,” and — in response — that “there really is no ethical (individual) consumption under capitalism.” As I read it, the disagreement between them is…
Highly Derivative: Accelerationism’s Inability to Make a Clean Break
There’s an increasing sense of crisis in the far left today. Having lashed itself to an implicit primitivism over the course of the twentieth century now that that ship is sinking much of the left is desperately looking for a way off. The Manifesto for an Accelerationist Politics by Alex Williams and Nick Srnicek is…
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