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The Homebrew Industrial Revolution
The latest study from C4SS Research Associate Kevin Carson: The Homebrew Industrial Revolution [PDF]. Summary: Neighborhood workshops, desktop manufacturing, household micro-enterprises and online horizontal networks of peer producers will come to dominate the informal economy that must arise as the state-allied formal economy stagnates and decays.
The Decline and Fall of Sloanism
In his latest study, C4SS Reseach Associate Kevin Carson shows that the current economic crisis is not a cyclical downturn but a permanent structural shift…
MOLOCH: Mass-Production Industry as a Statist Construct
C4SS Research Associate Kevin Carson has released his third research study — MOLOCH: Mass-Production Industry as a Statist Construct.
“Intellectual Property”: A Libertarian Critique
In this study, Kevin Carson reviews libertarian perspectives on “intellectual property”; the ethics of the practice itself and the harms resulting from it.
Industrial Policy: New Wine In Old Bottles
In this study, Kevin Carson asserts that the existing capitalist economic system is a result of State industrial policy suppressing libertarian alternatives.
Markets Not Capitalism
Organization Theory
Conscience of an Anarchist