Destroying The Master’s House With The Master’s Tools: Some Notes On The Libertarian Theory Of Ideology

Destroying the Master’s House With the Master’s Tools: Some Notes on the Libertarian Theory of Ideology [PDF]

We commonly look at ideology from the perspective of the ruling class, as a legitimizing tool. But ideology serves the purposes of the ruled, as well—as a guide to action in their class interest.

The respective ideologies of rulers and ruled tend to be interdependent. The official legitimizing ideology of a ruling class appeals to standards of legitimacy that have cultural resonance with the ruled. At the same time, ideologies of resistance frequently use the ruling classes’ own standards of legitimacy as weapons against them.

The latter phenomenon, the contesting or inversion of symbols from the official ideology and their use as a tool of resistance, is the theme of this paper. …

Center for a Stateless Society Paper No. 15 (First Half 2013) [PDF]

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