The Weekly Libertarian Leftist And Chess Review 21

Shamus Cooke discusses Obama’s far right foreign policy.

Cory Massimino discusses the relationship between liberalism and libertarianism.

Patrick Cockburn discusses how war has changed.

Brian J. Trautman discusses endless war.

Casey Given discusses how the anti-gay bills are not libertarian.

Dave Lindorff discusses the U.S. lecturing of Russia about international law.

John Bew discusses the origins of realpolitik.

Tom Engelhardt discusses the new world order.

Sheldon Richman discuses the Ukrainian issue.

Justin Raimondo discusses the rise of Ukrainian fascism.

Peter Linebaugh discusses drones and slavery.

Curtis F J Doebbler discusses U.S. hypocrisy on international law.

Laurence M. Vance discusses constitutionalist support for the drug war.

Sheldon Richman discusses work.

Conor Friedersdorf discusses Obama’s complicity in covering up torture.

Neve Gordon discusses a novel about Iraq.

Uri Avnery discusses Netanyahu.

George H. Smith discusses Robert Nisbet and Thomas Sowell.

Lucy Steigerwald discusses immigration politics.

Richard Falk reviews Omar.

Ludwig Watzal reviews Understanding Shadows: The Corrupt Use of Intelligence.

Lina Khan discusses Dragnet Nation.

Josh Ruebner discusses Gareth Porter’s new book on Iran.

Norman Solomon discusses Hilary’s use of the Hitler meme.

Andrew J. Bacevich discusses American exceptionalism.

Peter Van Buren discusses a court case pertaining to whistleblowers.

Kelly Vlahos discusses a skeptic about the surge.

Arthur Silber discusses Edward Snowden.

Kevin Carson discusses upward wealth redistribution.

Alekhine beats Capablanca in their first world championship match game.

This game is called the immortal game.

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