The Weekly Libertarian Leftist And Chess Review 20

Dahr Jamail discusses the civilian deaths caused by the Iraqi government siege of Fallujah.

John B. Judis reviews Maximalist: America in the World from Truman to Obama.

Brittney Wheeler discusses why liberty doesn’t need politics.

The LA Times editorial board discusses why the embargo on Cuba should be ended.

Karen J. Greenberg discusses 5 issues on which Obama is like George W. Bush.

George H. Smith discusses the study of liberty.

Dave Lindorff discusses how Americans could demand the ouster of the current government.

Alex Kane discusses U.S. meddling in the Syrian civil war.

Conor Friedersdorf discusses extrajudicial killings and the constitution.

Ivan Eland discusses North Korean human rights abuses.

Ajamu Baraka discusses the latest calls for war with Syria.

Sheldon Richman discusses how we can oppose bigotry while still rejecting politicians.

Ahmed Benchemsi discusses the tyranny of the Moroccan state.

Andrew Levine discusses what the U.S. will do without Al-Qaeda to justify war.

Wendy McElroy discusses how to live the good life.

Wendy McElroy discusses whether to steal or not.

Wendy McElroy discusses the virtue of self-interest.

Justin Doolittle discusses the selective concern of the U.S. government for human rights.

Uri Avnery discusses a film about Nazi Germany.

Peter Z. Scheer discusses corporate welfare.

Thaddueus Russell discusses labor corporatism.

Glen Ford discusses Obama’s war on civilization.

Z. Fareen Parvez discusses the Panjawi massacre.

Ehab Zahriyeh discusses a film set in Palestine called Omar.

John Stanton discusses the potential for a world war.

Graham Peebles discusses Ethiopian persecution of people.

Chris Ernesto discusses the U.S. siding with fascists and terrorists in 3 countries.

Jeffrey Sommers discusses discusses the Ukraine issue.

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