The Weekly Libertarian Leftist And Chess Review 18

Charles R. Larson discusses the grotesqueries of Iraq.

David Swanson discusses the use of Nazi scientists by the U.S.

Franklin Lamb discusses getting aid into Homs.

Laurence M. Vance discusses ending the American empire.

Matt Welch discusses the drug war.

Shihka Dalmia discusses closed border policies.

William D. Hartung discusses arm sales.

Robert Fisk discusses drone strikes.

Alexander Reid Ross discusses state repression.

Winslow Myers discusses the overwhelmed peace movement.

Kevin Carson discusses why he hates government.

David Swanson discusses repression in Bahrain.

William A. Cook discusses the do nothing peace machine in Israel.

Jay Janson discusses the atrocities of the U.S. empire.

Peter Van Buren discusses the presidential killing powers of Obama.

Sheldon Richman discusses the congruence of the moral with the practical.

Patrick Cockburn discusses the retirement of Sadr.

Nick Turse discusses the Vietnam War.

Chris Hedges discusses the dual character of the American state.

W.T. Whitney discusses the blockade of Cuba.

Tom Engelhardt discusses the thuggish character of the American state.

Jacob Hornberger discusses the military coup in Egypt and implications for the U.S.

Thomas L. Knapp discusses the drone strikes.

Ramzy Baroud discusses a CIA connected general in Libya.

Uri Avnery discusses his challenging of the boycott law.

Franklin Lamb discusses the potential for no fly zones over Syria.

Patrick Cockburn discusses the civil war in Syria.

Kevin Carson discusses anti-unionism and right to work laws.

A famous game between Steinitz and Bardeleben.

A famous game between Alekhine and Yates.

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