The Weekly Libertarian Leftist And Chess Review 8

Review 8 time is here! Let’s get started.

James Bovard discusses the glut of police shootings.

Sheldon Richman explains why government is the problem.

Pepe Escobar discusses Erik Prince’s new book.

Binoy Kampark discusses the creeping fascism in Europe.

Uri Avnery discusses land theft in the Jordan Valley.

Patrick Cockburn discusses the complicity of Saudi donors in funding terror.

Kevin Carson discusses the sellout of Mandela to capitalism.

Mohammed Al Qawli asks why the U.S. and Yemeni governments killed his brother with a drone strike.

Eric Margolis discusses the faux pullout from Afghanistan.

Andrew J. Bacevich discusses how Obama can turn away from a warmongering path in the Middle East.

Chase Madar discusses the increasing criminalization of everyday life.

Tom W. Bell discusses how writers coped without copyright protection.

Aaron Ross Powell and Trevor Burns answer common questions about libertarianism.

Wendy McElroy has some advice on how to diminish your ties to the state or government.

Jacob Sullum discusses the faux drug reform policy of the Obama admin.

Patrick Coffey discuses drone war.

David Gordon reviews Lew Rockwell’s new book, Fascism vs Capitalism.

Sheldon Richman advocates for a non-punishment oriented legal system.

Sufyan bin Uzayr discusses Yemeni politics.

Sheldon Richman explains why Mandela wasn’t radical enough.

Moncia Lucas discuses her Progressive Libertarian vision.

James Bamford discusses Al-Qaeda’s magazine, Inspire.

Juan Cole discusses 5 women right’s activists who are shaking up the Middle East.

Franklin C. Spinney discusses the new Seymour Hersh take on Syria.

Kelly B. Vlahos discusses Ann Jone’s new book.

Ivan Eland discusses the pending security agreement with Afghanistan and Hamid Karzai.

Marie Arana discusses a book about the coup against Salvador Allende.

Kevin Carson discusses a libertarian theory on the use of ideology.

We end this review with the final two games of the recently concluded World Chess Championship:

Game 9 was a short win by Magnus Carlsen. Anand allows him to queen a pawn on move 27. The only explanation I can provide for my readers is that Rf4 was designed to result in Rh4 with mate on h7. Anand must have overlooked 28…Qe1. This move allows for 29…Qh4 with material advantage to black.

Game 10 was a fairly lengthy draw. 3. Bb5 took me by surprise. The subsequent exchange of the bishop contradicts the dogma of the advantage of the two bishops. White gets a nice Maroczy bind with 7. c4 and a centralized Queen on d4 in return. Otherwise; a fairly uneventul draw.

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