The Weekly Libertarian Leftist And Chess Review 7

Stephen Moss discusses Jeremy Scahil’s, Dirty Wars.

Karam Filfian reviews Dirty Wars.

Anthony Papa asks for a pardon of both drug war prisoners and the turkey.

Deepak Tripathi discusses Obama’s Middle Eastern policy.

David Macray discusses the plight of ex-convicts.

Ahmad Barqawi discusses Bandar’s reign of terror.

David Rosen discusses the private security threat to civil liberties.

John LaForge discusses whether the U..S really has the best military in the world.

Michael Desch discusses a new neoconservative book.

Gene Healy reviews Ira Stoll’s book titled JFK, Conservative.

Corey Robin discusses attitudes towards grad student unions.

Sheldon Richman discusses the pointlessness of deaths in the Afghan War.

Seamus Milne discusses Britain’s involvement in dirty wars.

Justin Raimondo discusses “isolationism” or what we usually call peace.

Ryan Holiday has a list of 43 books to read on war.

Eugene Robinson discusses the immorality of Obama’s drone war.

Jacob Hornberger discusses the recent airstrike that killed a child in Afghanistan.

Nelson P. Valdes discusses how to normalize relations with Cuba.

Davey D discusses how the new mayor of New York appointed a stop and frisk loving police chief.

William Blum discusses the qualities of statist murderers.

Steve Horn and Carl Gibson discusses how a globally renowned activist collaborated with Stratfor.

Fernando Teson discusses the pope’s statism.

Noam Chomsky discusses the 60 year oppression of the Iranian people by the U.S..

Conn Hallinan discusses the non-proliferation treaty and Iran.

Mark Weisbrot discusses the violence and fraud surrounding the recent Hounduran elections.

John Emerson discusses the empire of the Comanche Indians.

Paul Kerley has a slideshow on the Vietnam War to offer.

Chris Brock discusses Stephen Kinzer’s new book on the Dulles Brothers.

Game 7 of the recently concluded World Chess Championship.

Game 8 of the recently concluded World Chess Championship.

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