The Weekly Libertarian Leftist And Chess Review 6

Welcome to my 6th review! Time to begin.

Graham Peebles discusses the oppression of Ethiopian migrants in Saudi Arabia.

Alexander Cockburn discusses the parallels between JFK and Obama.

Ivan Eland examines JFK’s actual record.

Jonathan Carp proposes a revolutionary alternative to raising the minimum wage.

Jacob Hornberger discusses the post-911 dilution of civil liberties.

Sarah Lazare discusses the new security deal with the Afghani government.

Anthony Gregory wonders whether liberals would be more upset were a president McCain to do what Obama has done.

Sarah Lazare discusses the corporate infiltration of activist groups.

Ann Jones and Nick Turse discuss the plight of America’s wounded soldiers.

Anthony Gregory explains why closing Gitmo isn’t enough.

Kelly Vlahos discusses the politics of drones.

Cole Stangler discusses the second annual Code Pink drone summit.

Matthew Robare discusses Noam Chomsky’s anarchism.

Sheldon Richman responds to Matt Brueing on property rights and force.

Michael Brenner discusses the U.S. failure to leave Afghanistan.

Medea Benjamin discusses the drone strikes in Pakistan.

James Kilgore discusses the massive fraud of a security company.

Chris Steele interviews Noam Chomsky.

David Rosen discusses the mainstreaming of sexual fetishes or “perversions”.

Rick Perlstein discusses whether JFK would have withdrawn from Vietnam.

James K. Galbraith discusses whether JFK would have withdrawn from Vietnam too.

An excerpt from a book on meth use among suburban women by Miriam Boeri.

Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers and Hakim discuss opposition to U.S. military bases.

Ryan Calhoun discusses the Kennedy assassination.

Carlos Clemente discusses patriarchy in Venezuela.

Link to the video of Nathan Goodman’s presentation at the Genderevolution conference.

Conor Friedersof discusses the likelihood of America torturing again.

Darryl W Perry discusses the myth of the hero cop.

Game five of the World Chess Championship.

Game six of the World Chess Championship.

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