The Weekly Libertarian Leftist and Chess Review 3

Welcome to the third edition of my weekly review! Let’s get started on a fantastic series of articles.

First off are the usual pieces on foreign policy and military affairs:

1. Barry Lando discusses how presidential intervention almost squashed a damning 60 minutes segment on American involvement in Iran.

2. Andre Vltcheck discusses the recent massacre in Kenya.

3. Binoy Kampark discusses international politics vis a vis Iran.

4. David Swanson identifies 45 lies in Obama’s recent U.N. speech.

5. Anthony Gregory reviews Breach of Trust: How Americans Failed Their Soldiers and Their Country.

6. Norman Pollack writes about Obama and Rouhani at the U.N..

7. William C. Lewis discusses why Washington will continue its crimes.

8. Scott Horton discusses how U.S. policy contributed to the disaster in Somalia.

9. Sheldon Richman offers commentary on the same matter.

10. Jason Mueller discusses the context of Somali piracy.

11. John Glaser discusses the potential for a military quagmire in Africa.

12. Jeremy Scahill discusses Obama’s U.N. speech.

13. David Sirota discusses Obama’s paeans to empire.

14. Janis Teruggi Page asks whether U.S. intelligence helped Pincohet kill her brother.

15. Kasturi Sen discusses how sanctions on Syria are hurting the people rather than Assad.

Onward to civil liberties issues!

1. Nozomi Hayase writes about the heroic role played by Sarah Harrison in the Wikileaks saga.

2. Jacob Sullum on NSA politics.

3. Matthew Harwood and Christopher Calabrese discuss how government is eroding privacy.

4. Noam Chomsky speaks about the shredding of liberty in America.

5. Chris Hedges discusses the origins of the police state.

Libertarian politics are discussed below:

1. Steve Horowitz discusses libertarianism and individualism.

2. Sheldon Richman discusses why the national debt is illegitimate. He invokes the words of the individualist anarchist, Lysander Spooner.

Discussion of George H. Smith’s, The System of Liberty.

Lew Rockwell discusses the appeal of libertarianism for the common man.

Drug war politics make another appearance in this edition:

1. Sadhbh Walse discusses Michael Douglas’s blasting of the U.S. penal system in a drug war context.

2. Kevin Carson chimes in on the Drug War too.

3. Ernest Drucker and Mike Trace discuss a general amnesty for drug war prisoners.

Two chess pieces to finish off:

1. John Watson reviews Najdorf’s Zurich 1953.

2. A link presenting a movie about chess hustlers.

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