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Gary Chartier on the Trouble with Rawls
Gary Chartier shows that market anarchism satisfies Rawlsian demands of a system of justice.
Roderick Long: Eudaimonism, Libertarianism, and Science Fiction
Kyle Platt catches up with Prof. Roderick Long before his talk at the University of Oklahoma. They discuss why Eudaimonism is compatible with a libertarian philosophy, who libertarians should read, and themes of liberty in science fiction.
The IWW, Building Power with Your Help!
It’s been five months since we at C4SS launched the Entrepreneurial Anti-Capitalism project in a bid to provide some much needed support to people engaged in the construction of a new world. We sought projects that either lay the ground for, or skillfully employ, tools and techniques to uproot, undermine or obviate centralized and authoritarian…
Volume 1, Issue 1 of THE NEW LEVELLER now online!
“Are you interested in individualist anarchism, or at least so frightened by it that you want to keep an eye on its progress? Are you frustrated by capitalism’s love for central planning and communism’s conservative view of human potential? Do you suspect that abolishing the institution responsible for war, police brutality, and mass incarceration might…
Informe del Coordinador de Medios Hispanos, Marzo de 2014
En marzo logramos un gran total de cuatro reproducciones de nuestros artículos de opinión, lo cual no es nada como para tirar la casa por la ventana, pero hay que tener en cuenta que mi lista de contactos mediáticos todavía es muy corta–72 direcciones de correo electrónico en total. Esto se debe a que estoy…
Relatório da Coordenação de Mídias em Português: Março de 2014
Março foi um ótimo mês para nossa embaixada em português. Nosso trabalho no Facebook fez com que ganhássemos o dobro de curtidas (de 105 passamos a 281) e nosso conteúdo agora alcança uma audiência ainda maior. Nossos textos específicos ao público que fala português (especialmente o brasileiro) também atraiu muita atenção. Meu próprio artigo “Cláudia…
Director’s Report: March 2014
The Center, C4SS, had a rather interesting 2013, that ended with us having a large sum of money to play with. But our fun will not continue without your help, your continued support and donations. In order to make the case for why you should forgo a cup of coffee every month and donate to…
Carson on C-Realm
Kevin Carson, Senior Fellow and Karl Hess Chair of Social Theory at C4SS, was recently interviewed by KMO on the C-Realm podcast. KMO talks with Kevin Carson, author of The Homebrew Industrial Revolution about the technologies that seem poised to end the dominance of capital-intensive production methodologies and brake the stranglehold that capitalists and the…
Introducing The New Leveller!
Very soon, S4SS will begin issuing its monthly newsletter, The New Leveller. It will be a running discussion devoted to radical libertarian and individualist anarchist thought, and, drawing off of nineteenth-century periodicals like Benjamin Tucker’s Liberty and Moses Harmon’s Lucifer, the Lightbearer, it will feature plenty of fire. The primary purpose of the New Leveller is to provide…
Informe del Coordinador de Medios Hispanos
Estas son las reproducciones de nuestros artículos de opinión que logré detectar durante el mes de febrero: El Librepensador de España publicó mi “Noam Chomsky, Deslumbrado por el Espectáculo Bolivariano“, así como ““, de Kevin Carson, y “El Estado Respeta la Libertad de Prensa Siempre y Cuando No la Perciba como una Amenaza“, de Tom Knapp.…
Relatório da Coordenação de Mídias em Português: Fevereiro de 2014
Comecei de fato com meu trabalho como Coordenador de Mídia do C4SS apenas na segunda metade do mês de fevereiro. Mas, mesmo assim, creio já termos alguns resultados animadores. Estamos publicando um texto por dia no site e, consequentemente, na página do Facebook do Centro. Em duas semanas já conseguimos mais de 100 curtidas e…
Markets Not Capitalism On Stossel
C4SS Senior Fellow Gary Chartier talks to right libertarian John Stossel about Markets Not Capitalism and why advocates of freed markets should oppose capitalism.
Let There Be Peace On Earth, And Let It Begin With Me
Christmas is full of exhortations to work towards a more peaceful world. But when you get right down to it, what can we actually do, today, to help usher in that world? While there’s no magic button that can be pressed or perfect argument that can be made to bring about peace on Earth, there…
Inside Charlottesville Interviews Sheldon Richman
C4SS Senior Fellow and Chair Sheldon Richman “explores the critical distinction between capitalism and free markets; discusses corporation socialism, the challenges facing publicly funded schools, and much more.“
Alliance Of Austin Agorists: Q&A With Charles W. Johnson
Alliance of Austin Agorists first networking party: An interview/Q&A with Charles W. Johnson. Due to some technical difficulties we were only able to capture three out of the ten questions that were actually conducted that night.
Jason Lee Byas On The El Paso Liberty Hour
C4SS Fellow, Jason Lee Byas, joins the podcast team of Rachel, Eamon, and Mark of the The El Paso Liberty Hour. They discuss Market Anarchy, the Center for a Stateless Society and the Anarchist movement within Libertarianism. Check Out Politics Conservative Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Be First In Media on BlogTalkRadio  
Rape Culture, Transphobia and How Communities Can Resist
C4SS Senior Fellow and Lysander Spooner Research Scholar, Nathan Goodman, gives a fantastic presentation on rape culture, transphobia and strategies for resistance for the Genderevolution Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.
C4SS Senior Fellow and Lysander Spooner Research Scholar, Nathan Goodman, took part in and represented C4SS on the Salt Lake City, Utah, Trans-Pacific Partnership Welcoming Committee coalition and protest. Salt Lake Residents Resist the Trans-Pacific Partnership! Salt Lake City, UT November 19, 2013 Delegations from twelve national governments are meeting this week at Grand America…
Nathan Goodman on the Bad Quaker Podcast
This week I had the great pleasure of talking with Ben Stone, the Bad Quaker, about a wide range of important topics. We discussed left-libertarianism, the IP attacks against C4SS from earlier this fall, the symbiotic relationship between corporations and government, the dangers of bigotry, and much more. The podcast can be found here.
Using PGP Encryption To Communicate Privately
There are many tools out there that allow you to communicate privately with varying levels of security. PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), specifically the OpenPGP standard, is a well tested and solid method of encrypting emails and messages, before transmission, to ensure that the only person who can read them is the intended recipient. I need…