The Dialectics Of Liberty available for preorder

C4SS announced way back in February 2019 the forthcoming publication of The Dialectics of Liberty: Exploring the Context of Human Freedom, co-edited by Roger E. Bissell, Chris Matthew Sciabarra, and Edward W. Younkins. Published by Lexington Books in June 2019 as a high-quality (and high-priced) hardcover, the book will be available in an affordable softcover edition in the next 6-8 weeks. It is currently being offered for pre-order at a substantial discount, for $22.99 (not including a $5.00 shipping and handling fee). But this is still $20 off the retail price. You can purchase the discounted softcover edition through Paypal here.

The book should be of considerable interest to the C4SS community, since it includes essays by Nathan Goodman, David L. Prychitko, Steven Horwitz, Roderick T. Long, Gary Chartier, Billy Christmas, Kevin A. Carson, and Jason Lee Byas, all of whom have contributed essays to this site. Information on the book’s contents and authors can be found at its home page here.

A private forum on “The Dialectics of Liberty” has been established on Facebook, and moderator Chris Matthew Sciabarra is encouraging interested readers to join the lively discussion. A structured examination of the book’s contents, in which participants will be encouraged to ask questions and make comments in a collegial dialogue, will begin in March 2020 and run through June 2020. Eighteen of the nineteen contributors will be participating in the forum, including all the C4SS authors mentioned above. If you belong to Facebook, check out the group here and send in a request to join in on the fun.

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