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Il Coma delle Illusioni
Di Kevin Carson. Articolo originale: Konstantin Kisin’s Delusions Are On Life Support, del 18 gennaio 2024. Traduzione italiana di Enrico Sanna. Il 22 ottobre scorso Konstantin Kisin pubblica un articolo su The Free Press (una pubblicazione fondata da Bari Weiss e specializzata in scenate contro la cultura “woke”) che immediatamente fa il giro del web….
Konstantin Kisin’s Delusions Are On Life Support
An October 22 article by Konstantin Kisin at The Free Press — a publication founded by Bari Weiss, a pony whose one trick is anti-“woke” culture war theatrics — immediately went viral. Its popularity on the Right is suggested by the fact that its title, “The Day the Delusions Died,” trended on Twitter the following…
Welcome to the Culture Wars: Pride Month Edition!
The Woke Nightmare That Doesn’t End! It’s in commercials! It’s on storefronts! It’s on social media, on television shows and streaming platforms! We may not be able to define what “woke” is, but, dammit! Like any obscenity, we know it when we see it! They’re ramming it down our throats and shoving it up our…
What Is “Wokeism”?
The terms “woke” and “wokeism” have been ubiquitous on the right for the past year or so. Charlatans like Chris Rufo, James Lindsay, and Jordan Peterson regularly rail against this or that alleged manifestation of it, Robby Soave’s main shtick at Reason is recounting the latest incident of some paragon of scholarly reasonableness who was…
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