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Paradoks Penentangan Kelompok Kanan terhadap Aborsi
Oleh: Vishal Wilde. teks aslinya berjudul “The Paradox of the Political Right’s Opposition to Abortion.” DIterjemahkan oleh Iman Amirullah. Umumnya, orang-orang “kanan” sangat keras menentang aborsi. Atau bahkan jika pun mereka mengizinkannya, mereka hanya mengizinkannya pada kondisi tertentu saja (misalnya jika kehamilan tersebut diakibatkan pemerkosaan atau inses). Di sisi lain, orang-orang kiri merupakan kebalikannya, sangat…
What Is “Wokeism”?
The terms “woke” and “wokeism” have been ubiquitous on the right for the past year or so. Charlatans like Chris Rufo, James Lindsay, and Jordan Peterson regularly rail against this or that alleged manifestation of it, Robby Soave’s main shtick at Reason is recounting the latest incident of some paragon of scholarly reasonableness who was…
The Repeal of the Eighth and the Withering of the State in Ireland
Last Friday, the people of the Republic of Ireland voted decisively to repeal the Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution. Such a vote was historic; ‘the Eighth’ as the amendment had increasingly become known equated the life of the mother with that of the unborn, effectively preventing any form of abortion – including in cases…
The Paradox of the Political Right’s Opposition to Abortion
Generally, people on the ‘right’ of the political spectrum are more vocally against abortion. If they do agree with it, it’s usually only in some limited capacity (such as when an unplanned pregnancy is the result of rape or incest). On the other hand, the political left tends to be far more vocally supportive.
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