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The State, Not Manning, is the Criminal
From the beginning of the Bradley Manning show trial, it has been apparent that the state is the criminal, not Pfc. Manning. Yet the WikiLeaks whistleblower was just sentenced to 35 years in prison. Manning is being punished for exposing government crimes, most famously U.S. troops shooting innocent civilians, including two Reuters journalists, in the Collateral Murder video….
O Julgamento de Fachada de Manning: Esses Momentos Instrutivos
Estou chocado — chocado! — com o fato de a Coronela Denise Lind, juíza militar que sentenciou, em fevereiro, que Bradley Manning poderia ser julgado em função de diversas acusações mesmo depois de ter ficado preso antes de ser denunciado por mais do que cinco vezes o período mais longo total especificado nas regras das Forças…
Manning Show Trial Exposes the Fraud of Representative Democracy
Major Ashlend Fein, US Army prosecutor in Bradley Manning’s court martial, caught my attention when he referred to Manning as an “anarchist” in closing arguments. As an anarchist, I’d be proud to share that label with Manning. But I’ve never heard from any reliable source that he considers himself one. Manning — if indeed guilty…
The Manning Show Trial: These Teachable Moments
I’m shocked — shocked! — that Colonel Denise Lind, the military judge who ruled in February that Bradley Manning could be tried on various charges even after being held prior to arraignment for more than five times the absolute longest time specified in the US Armed Forces’ “speedy trial” rules, has now also ruled that…
Zimmerman and Manning: The Demands of Justice
Long after the February 2012 shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, defendant George Zimmerman, has been found not guilty by a jury of his peers. The case has remained a hot topic for media since it was first reported. The unarmed teenager was shot and killed in a street fight with Zimmerman, a 29-year-old member of his neighborhood…
Stand With Whistleblowers
The recent reports of secret NSA surveillance reveal the important role the whistleblowers play in uncovering government wrongdoing. Edward Snowden is the latest whistleblower to face the Obama administration’s wrath for uncovering executive branch criminality. But another victim of the administration’s War on Whistleblowers is Private Bradley Manning. Manning  currently faces charges of “aiding the…
A Banalidade da Condenação
The following article is translated into Portuguese from the English original, written by Trevor Hultner. Parece que a reação padronizada da mídia ao surgirem denunciantes em nossos dias é distorcer-lhes a imagem de tal maneira que nunca ninguém possa vê-los como pessoas simpáticas. Assim aconteceu com Daniel Ellsberg. Aconteceu com o segundo cabo B. Manning. E, agora,…
The Banality of Condemnation
It seems that the standard media response when whistleblowers come out these days is to twist their images in such a way that no one could ever find them sympathetic figures. It happened to Daniel Ellsberg. It happened to Pfc. B. Manning. And now, it ‘s former Booz Allen Hamilton system administrator Edward Snowden’s turn…
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