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L’Ignoranza Continua
Qualche giorno fa mi è capitato di leggere l’articolo di Christopher Dickey “What the D-Day Veteran Told Obama at the 70th Anniversary Commemoration” (The Daily Beast, 6 giugno). Tra i presenti alla giornata dei veterani, assieme ad Obama, c’era il presidente francese Hollande e quello russo Putin. Per lo più, l’articolo parlava dei discorsi dei…
Prolonging Ignorance
A few days ago I read Christopher Dickey’s “What the D-Day Veteran Told Obama at the 70th Anniversary Commemoration” (The Daily Beast, June 6). In attendance along with Obama were French president Hollande and Russian president Putin. Most of the article discusses the leaders’ speeches of the day and the awkwardness of having both Obama and…
Veterans Left to Die
In the military, we learn to leave no one behind. Whatever the cost, whatever the situation, everyone comes home: unharmed, wounded, or dead. The importance of this principle is drilled into us from the very beginning of basic training, when our PT formations loop around to pick up those who fall out and the entire…
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