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Laurance Labadie’s “Justice”
Justice To what extent, if any, is violence justifiable? To answer this question some standard of “justice” must be postulated. What are we to understand by the term justice? Are we to determine it in terms of the individual or in terms of society? To what extent do these starting points overlap? Does the individual,…
Laurance Labadie’s “Anarchy and Law”
Anarchy and Law Clarity, definiteness, and specificity are desired for the enhancement of understanding. But anarchism as a social philosophy suffers from the handicap of not being an affirmative theory about the activities of humans. It is rather a negative philosophy in the sense that it tries to ascertain what is invasive of the maximum…
Communities of Egoists
Anarchism and egoism have long shared a tension that follows all anarchist groups: how do we organize in a way that respects individual autonomy while providing the benefits of collective organization? The work of organizing is often the constant answering of this question: how much does this organization benefit me, and why should I provide…
The union of egoists
Max Stirner schrijft over zijn ‘unie van egoïsten’ als zijn model voor sociale ordening. Wat moeten we hierbij voorstellen. En is dit niet gewoon een soort paradox ? Een verbond van egoïsten ? Zijn het dan nog wel egoïsten ? Is het niet rommelen met woorden ? Wat moet jij je voorstellen, bij een verbond…
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
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