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Reputation Markets: Reality, Dangers, and Possibility
Trust is the backbone of not just economies, but also the social fabric more broadly. With it, new worlds are possible, and without it, collapse is inevitable. Trust is built on dynamic and complexly layered reputations. We each have our own methods of building trust, and different communities have their own systems for developing reputation….
You Are Not Alone!: Stigmergic Parity and Revolt
Burn the Black Flag In nearly every major city and most small towns, there are anarchists, or people with unlabeled anarchist values, plotting ways to create space for our radical projects promoting positive freedom. In most cities, our efforts are duly encumbered with the toil of filling in the abyss of gaps in state services:…
Don’t Protect Their Secrets!: Whisper Networks and Manipulation
Even as we nurture beautiful futures and tender solidarity, our networks are struggling. As Bobby London wrote, “The state cannot destroy us the ways we destroy ourselves.” In addition to the threats that freedom faces from outside, we have threats inside that we need to deal with in real-time. We regularly fail to address them…
Smontiamo lo Stato Etnico Bianco
[Di Emmi Bevensee. Originale pubblicato su Center for a Stateless Society il 10 aprile 2017 con il titolo Debunking the White Ethno-State. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna.] Prima parte di una serie a critica dell’idea di una supremazia bianca. L’argomento classico sostenuto da destra alternativa, neonazisti, e anarchici nazionalisti è che la fiducia sociale è più…
Debunking the White Ethno-State
This is the first part in a series criticizing the ideas of white supremacy. The classic alt-right, neo-nazi, and national anarchist line is that social trust is higher in countries with higher degrees of ethnic homogeneity. They go on to claim that where there is higher trust, there is less crime and corruption, which leads to a…
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