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Capitalism Smothers the Sharing Economy on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Chad Nelson‘s “Capitalism Smothers the Sharing Economy” read by Mike Gogulski and edited by Nick Ford. FAR’s efforts, like those being carried out by taxicab oligopolies in Germany, Australia, France, the US and elsewhere, show us how quickly so-called private enterprise jumps on any deviation from the current capitalist structure. That’s…
Capitalism Smothers the Sharing Economy
Russia may have finally caught up with the rest of the world’s governments in cracking down on ridesharing services like Uber. Russia’s Federation of Car Owners (FAR), like any good oligarchy, has complained to Russian state authorities that “rogue” elements such as Uber, Gett, and Yandex represent a “threat to society.” Exactly what kind of…
You Can’t Trust Cops to Protect and Serve
As of June 9th, hundreds of protesters have marched to the McKinney, Texas swimming pool where a police officer was filmed forcing unarmed black teenagers to the ground. The incident happened when a teenage girl threw a pool party at a suburban community pool for some friends. Though most of the party-goers lived in the community,…
As barreiras à entrada no mercado e a escassez artificial
Há décadas as regulamentações de táxi têm sido excelentes exemplos de como a proteção do governo cria privilégios, rendimentos artificiais e estimula o trabalho assalariado. Além do grande conjunto de regulamentações que definem até a cor das meias dos motoristas, o sistema de “praças” limita dramaticamente o número de táxis nas grandes cidades, ao mesmo…
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