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Ulasan: Anarkisme Afrika – Sejarah sebuah Pergerakan
Oleh: Jordan Jadine. Teks aslinya berjudul “Review: African Anarchism – The History of a Movement.” Diterjemahkan ke dalam Bahasa Indonesia oleh Ameyuri Ringo. Sebagai seorang anarkis, Aku secara alami memiliki ketertarikan untuk mempelajari bukan hanya gerakan anarkis di Amerika, tapi juga di seluruh belahan dunia. Aku sangat menyukai Lao Tzu misalnya, dan juga penulis Tao…
Recensione di: African Anarchism – The History of a Movement
Jordan Jardine. Originale pubblicato l’otto giugno 2023 con il titolo Review: African Anarchism – The History of a Movement. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Da anarchico, sono naturalmente attratto dai movimenti anarchici non solo degli Stati Uniti ma di tutto il mondo. Mi attira molto, tra gli altri, Lao Tzu, per dire, che con il suo…
Review: African Anarchism – The History of a Movement
As an anarchist, I am naturally inclined to research not only anarchist movements from America, but from all around the world. I am very fond of Lao Tzu, for instance, and the Tao Te Ching author was a major influence on prominent anarchists like Peter Kropotkin and Rudolf Rocker. Therefore, I have learned some things…
La Libertà in Frisia: un’occasione di Studio Libertario?
Di Leon T. Clemson. Originale pubblicato l’otto dicembre 2022 con il titolo Frisian Freedom: A Research Opportunity for Libertarians? Tradotto in italiano da Enrico Sanna. Ci sono autori libertari che citano, a mo’ di esempio storico, società (o certi loro aspetti) che si avvicinerebbero ai loro ideali politici. Gli esempi comunemente citati di regimi (quasi)…
Frisian Freedom: A Research Opportunity for Libertarians?
Libertarian authors often point to historical examples of societies (or aspects of societies) that putatively approximate their political ideals. Some popular examples of polycentric or quasi-polycentric legal regimes and/or decentralized property arrangements include Anglo-Saxon England,¹ ancient and medieval Ireland,² the American frontier,³ and Iceland’s Free Commonwealth period,⁴ among others. My purpose here is not to…
Cory Massimino Talks Anarchy, Political Authority, and Stateless Societies
Longtime C4SS Fellow, Mutual Exchange Coordinator, and contributor Cory Massimino was recently interviewed by Aaron Ross Powell on (Re)Imagining Liberty about anarchy, political authority, the viability of stateless societies, and the relationship between anarchism, liberalism, and modernity. Check out their interview below.
Evading the State is Good For You: Upland Natives, Valley Civilizations, Mitochondria, and Carbon Dioxide
Welcome to the second edition of the Against Utopia monthly newsletter, where I explore problems of social organization, philosophy, biology, politics, and more through an epistemological anarchist lens. Or in simpler (cruder) terms, analyzing the authorities’ basis of knowledge and mostly concluding that they should fuck off, so we can flex our autonomy. If you’re…
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