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¿Queda un “yo” del que hablar? Una respuesta a Ash P. Morgans
De Andrew Kemle. Artículo original: Is There a “Self” Left to Talk About? A Reply to Ash P. Morgans, del 16 de septiembre de 2022. Este ensayo es parte de un Simposio de Intercambio Mutuo del C4SS sobre Anarquismo y Egoísmo. Ash P. Morgans tiene una larga crítica de las contribuciones hechas por un número…
Is There a “Self” Left to Talk About? A Reply to Ash P. Morgans
Ash P. Morgans has a lengthy critique of the contributions made by a number of “moralists,” including myself. And in reading their response I realized that what I thought I had written—a relatively short piece with a narrow-focus—was, in fact, a confused mess. This doesn’t mean I now disagree with my arguments: I still think…
Widening the Bridges: Beyond Consent and Autonomy
Everyone is bad at consent but it’s worth getting better anyways. No one is perfectly autonomous but it’s worth respecting agency anyways. Many of our problems are endemic to the tools we use. These are parts of the truth that often get left out. Sometimes better consent and autonomy practices look like sloppy, complicated cry-fests,…
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