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Bireyci Feminizm
Okumak üzere olduğunuz makale Dakota Hensley tarafından kaleme alınmış ve Faruk Pak tarafından Türkçeye çevrilmiştir. 4 Eylül 2020 tarihinde “An Individualist Feminism” başlığı altında yayınlanmıştır. İnternetin bazı taraflarında ortak bir fikir, bu “kırmızı haplanma” fikridir ve “kırmızı hapı” alırsanız yeni bir düşünme biçimine uyanırsınız. Trans kadınlar (Wachowskiler) tarafından türetilmiş bir terimin bu karanlık ve ironik…
An Individualist Feminism
A common idea on some parts of the internet is this idea of “redpilling,” and that if you take the “red pill,” you awaken to a new way of thinking. This darkly ironic appropriation of a term coined by trans women, the Wachowskis, usually includes becoming a TERF and anti-feminist, (although it may also include…
Don’t Protect Their Secrets!: Whisper Networks and Manipulation
Even as we nurture beautiful futures and tender solidarity, our networks are struggling. As Bobby London wrote, “The state cannot destroy us the ways we destroy ourselves.” In addition to the threats that freedom faces from outside, we have threats inside that we need to deal with in real-time. We regularly fail to address them…
Widening the Bridges: Beyond Consent and Autonomy
Everyone is bad at consent but it’s worth getting better anyways. No one is perfectly autonomous but it’s worth respecting agency anyways. Many of our problems are endemic to the tools we use. These are parts of the truth that often get left out. Sometimes better consent and autonomy practices look like sloppy, complicated cry-fests,…
Giustizia Riparatrice e Responsabilità nella Violenza Sessuale
Di Emmi Bevensee. Originale pubblicato il 18 settembre 2017 con il titolo Restorative Justice and Sexual Violence Accountability. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Noi anarchici siamo fortemente contrari al sistema carcerario e alle logiche punitive dello stato. Per questo cerchiamo alternative, puntiamo ad un processo di accertamento della colpa che metta al centro comunità e vittima,…
Restorative Justice and Sexual Violence Accountability
Anarchists take a hard stand against the prison system and carceral, punitive, and statist punishments schemas. As a result, we seek alternatives and tend to veer towards community and survivor-led accountability processes with a generally restorative and transformative intention. Restorative justice (RJ) is an approach towards dealing with harm done that focuses on repairing the…
On the Horizon: Quiescence and the Production of Uncertainty
New research, published in the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, reveals that a large fallout plume of oil from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is deposited on the seafloor. This is a significant finding because this 2-million barrels worth of oil was originally thought to be trapped…
What Libertarianism Can Learn From Sex-positive Feminism
When I was a young, I remember reading about the difference between cooperative and coercive exchanges. It was a mind-blowing thought, that all interactions could be lumped into one of two categories. And that the implications of the nature of those interactions could be so incredibly powerful and meaningful. While libertarianism certainly encompasses many thoughts…
Bitcoin Obliterates ‘The State Theory Of Money’
Matonis: Bitcoin is not a governmental instrument of legal tender that requires regulatory legitimacy and coercion by law in order to gain acceptance.
Can Anybody Ever Consent to the State?
Consent is always compromised by force; the mere existence of effective force dedicated to some end constitutes coercion toward that end, whatever you may think or want.
Ross Kenyon — Choice, Consent, and Voluntaryism After the Death of Neutrality
Ross Kenyon raises some critical questions about what we consider a free choice, notes a few problems with voluntaryism, and points to some potential coping strategies for our condition’s quagmire.
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