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Libertarians Should NOT Support Texan Secession
Recently, the Republican Party of Texas released a brand new platform stating that “Texas retains the right to secede from the United States, and the Texas Legislature should be called upon to pass a referendum consistent thereto” and calls “for the people of Texas to determine whether or not the State of Texas should reassert…
Eugene Holland. Nomad Citizenship.
Eugene W. Holland. Nomad Citizenship: Free-Market Communism and the Slow-Motion General Strike (Minneapolis and London: University of Minnesota Press, 2011). Holland’s work is in the same general autonomist tradition of analysis as Dyer-Witheford’s Cyber-Marx, and the concept of “Exodus” as developed in Negri’s and Hardt’s Commonwealth. The general idea of Exodus is that, when technology…
Brexit: Which Kind of Dependence Now?
Is Brexit a move toward British independence? Some Leave and Remain partisans may believe so, differing only over whether that’s good or bad. But, as usual, things are more complicated. We should hope that, in one respect, Britain’s exit from the EU will create a kind of dependence that did not exist while it was…
Secessionismo Brasiliano: Sao Paulo Contro il Nord-est
Dopo la rielezione di Dilma Rousseff del Partito dei Lavoratori, vediamo ripetersi lo stesso schema che si ripete dal 2006: numerose manifestazioni, molte delle quali offensive e xenofobiche, da parte di abitanti del Sud-est e del sud brasiliano, soprattutto di Sao Paulo, contro il più povero Nord-est che ha votato massicciamente per il presidente uscente….
Secesionismo brasileño: Sao Paulo contra el Noreste
Después del triunfo del Partido de los Trabajadores con la reelección de Dilma Rousseff vemos el mismo patrón que se ha repetido desde 2006: varias manifestaciones, muchas de ellas ofensivas o xenófobas, de personas en el sudeste y sur de Brasil, especialmente en Sao Paulo, contra la gente del más pobre noreste, que votaron masivamente…
Brazilian Secessionism: Sao Paulo Against the Northeast
After the reelection of Workers’ Party Dilma Rousseff, we see the same pattern that has repeated itself since 2006: Several manifestations, many of them offensive or xenophobic, from people in the Southeast and South of Brazil, especially in Sao Paulo, against people from the poorer Northeast, who voted massively in favor of the incumbent. And…
Asking “Argentina Trabaja Para Cuando?” at the Bicentenario
Ross Kenyon’s experience at the Argentine Bicentenario and his reflections on post-secessionist “liberal” states.
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