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Two Cheers for the Iran Agreement
The nuclear agreement with Iran is good for two reasons: it reduces the chance of war, and it promises relief from sanctions for the Iranian people. Although American officials still say that war is an option, the chance has now shrunk. Even Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knows that his military alone cannot deal a…
È Ora di Mettere Fine all’Orribile Embargo Contro Cuba
Il dodici aprile, al Vertice delle Americhe, il presidente americano Barack Obama ha parlato in pubblico con il presidente cubano Raul Castro a proposito della fine delle tensioni tra i due paesi. Era la prima volta che Cuba partecipava al vertice, e si spera che questo segni l’inizio di una maggiore libertà di movimento di…
Time to End the Horrific US Embargo with Cuba
On April 12 at the Summit of the Americas, US president Barack Obama publicly spoke with Cuban president Raul Castro about ending the tension between the two countries. This marks the first time Cuba has participated in the summit and hopefully marks the beginning of freer exchange and travel between the two countries. Obama had…
Preventing a Syria Scenario
Darian Worden: An armed populace with libertarian values is best at preventing mass murder.
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