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An Arch Why
When hammer falls, and nail is driven deep in vein, piercing those with hands to heaven, a raging flow of protest stirs, and the dam’s crack promises an empire’s dust. Tyrants fear, as the heart reclaims fallen blood its own, never again owed or again stolen, never to be the red in crime scene canvas,…
Another Lost Comrade
Another death, Another dearly departed friend, Another memory where a comrade once stood. Another breath, When will it end? Why I’m still here, I’ve never understood. Why this time? Lack of healthcare? Overdose? Hate crime? Refusal to share? Beaten by police? Choked or shot? Or maybe just left In prison to rot? The questions dance…
Untitled I
Brown uniforms are real. Rifles are real. Soldiers are a social fiction. Blue uniforms exist and so do their guns. Policemen, my brothers and sisters, are a social fiction. So many primitive ways to keep us in check. Or is that too Budddhistic a view for you? Building a new world in the shell of the old Begins in your head. If you’re…
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory