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Grupos de Defesa do Consumidor: A Peça que Falta
Logan Marie Glitterbomb. Artigo original: Consumer Advocacy Groups: The Missing Piece, de 17 de agosto 2020. Traduzido para o português por Gabriel Serpa. Muitas vezes, a resposta dos anarquistas de mercado para lidar com más condutas comerciais consiste na capacidade dos trabalhadores de buscar um novo emprego, dos consumidores de optar por um outro produto,…
Consumer Advocacy Groups: The Missing Piece
Often the free market anarchist response to dealing with business misconduct includes the ability for workers to find a new job, consumers to buy a new product, etc. The more fleshed out version of this ideal includes wildcat unionism, mass boycotts, pickets, and demonstrations. And yes, workers should absolutely be able to use collective bargaining…
Time for Humanity to Achieve Greatness
There are a growing number of complex wicked problems facing natural ecosystems and human civilization. In recent years we have seen that social movements can advance and uphold public welfare, seek justice and progress society. Throughout history, people’s movements have challenged institutions and power structures. Today these movements are beginning to address our most urgent…
The System Needs Us, We Don’t Need the System
Darian Worden: The general public has power when they choose to use it. How powerful they can become and how beneficial their power will be rests on how much they continue to believe in authority.
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