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Board Game Review: Bloc by Bloc
For better or worse, board games tend to be a popular form of entertainment in radical spaces, and yet there are precious few games that explicitly deal with anarchist ideas. For those exhausted by games glorifying nationalistic conquest, monopoly capitalism, and settler colonialism, Bloc by Bloc: The Insurrection Game may offer a breath of refreshing…
Clarke Threatens War on America
If the Democrats’ approach under Clinton is doubling down on Obama’s technocratic neoliberal caesarism, with the constant, quiet upward ratcheting of automated drone warfare and electronic surveillance, the alternative from Trump’s GOP is out-and-out fascism. And when I say “fascism,” I mean the kind with smashed windows, lynchings and brownshirt thuggery in the streets. Nowhere…
The Communism of Everyday Life
David Graeber. Debt: The First 5000 Years (Brooklyn and London: Melville House, 2011). David Graeber, as we already saw to be the case with Elinor Ostrom, is characterized above all by a faith in human creativity and agency, and an unwillingness to let a priori theoretical formulations either preempt his perceptions of the particularity and…
The Day That Changed Everything
A day on which everyone can remember where they were is seldom a good memory. On September 11, 2001 we added another day to that list of days we’d rather forget. I was in an optimistic frame of mind when my radio alarm woke me that morning. My first real print publication, the pamphlet “Iron…
Class, “Identity Politics” and Stigmergy: Why We Don’t Need “One Big Movement”
In a post at the Students For Liberty (SFL) blog, (“Between Radicalism and Revolution: The Cautionary Tale of Students for a Democratic Society,” May 6), Clark Ruper uses the example of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) as a warning against factionalism and division within the libertarian movement. The libertarian movement, he says, should be…
O comércio livre e a publicização dos espaços públicos
As iniciativas inovadoras de ocupação dos espaços (nominalmente) públicos que têm brotado em todo lugar neste dealbar do século 21 ainda tratam com preconceito o comércio. Imaginam que um evento (ou programa) de convivência realizado nas praças e ruas das cidades tem que ser sem fins lucrativos para ser legítimo. Assim, organizam feiras de trocas,…
Anarchy, According To “The Purge”
A trailer for the sequel to last year’s low-budget dystopian thriller, “The Purge,” was released on Thursday,  February 13, to fanfare about as modest as for the first film. If this trailer is any indication, the plot for “The Purge 2: Anarchy” looks almost note-for-note the same as its predecessor. The setting for both films…
A World Divided
After working at the University of Sussex over the summer, myself and two of my best friends embarked on an interrailing trip around Europe. The trip was a wonderful experience and a fantastic chance to visit iconic cities and locations. We managed to see, and do, so much, as is evidenced by this brilliant video my friend made of our…
NYPD Officers Beat the Crowds … and the Charges
Hummels: It is no secret that there is a vanguard of sorts in policing which celebrates the fascist tendencies of the occupation.
To Be Governed Not At All!
Adapted from an anarchism session Darian Worden led at the Students for Liberty 2012 regional conference at the University of Pennsylvania.
A Year of Upheaval, A Year of Upping the Stakes
Darian Worden on freedom, power, and struggle in 2011.
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory