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The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 145
Derek Royden discusses the U.S. backed Saudi war in Yemen. David Swanson discusses slavery. Jacob G. Hornberger discusses the empire and the Philipines. Uri Avnery discusses the cultural minister of Israel. George H. Smith discusses the virtue of reasonableness. Jason Kuznicki discusses the label libertarian. Sheldon Richman discusses how Hilary and Trump both oppose liberty….
L’Insana Alleanza tra Medicina e Stato
Il programma di torture della Cia è tornato alla ribalta questa settimana, quando tre ex detenuti hanno denunciato i due psicologi che crearono e gestirono il programma ai tempi di Bush. Secondo l’Unione Americana per le Libertà Civili (che preme affinché il responsabile del Dipartimento di Giustizia, Loretta Lynch, incarichi un pubblico ministero apposito), James…
The Unhealthy Alliance of Medicine and State
The CIA’s torture program is back in the headlines this week, as three former detainees have filed suit against the two psychologists who created and administered the CIA’s Bush-era torture program. According to the ACLU (who are pushing for Attorney General Loretta Lynch to appoint a special prosecutor in the matter), Drs. James Mitchell and…
It Ain’t Illegal — I Oughta Know, I’m the Sheriff!
At the Washington Post‘s Wonkblog, Jason Millman argues that expensive drugs are often worth the cost (“Why extremely expensive drugs are often worth the cost,” October 6). Although expensive specialty drugs like Sovaldi for Hepatitis C cost thousands of dollars a month, they may provide significantly greater benefits than traditional drugs — including “treatments for complex diseases…
Daarop zei Hij tegen hen: ‘Geef dan de Kaiser wat de zorgverzekeraar toekomt’
Knapp: Wilt u betaalbare zorg, dan is de eerste stap er één richting het compleet afschaffen van de overheid.
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory