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Miley Cyrus et la culture libertarienne rénégate
L’artiste la plus célébrée et controversée de l’année est, sans aucun doute, Miley Cyrus. Miley a rapidement et parfaitement transformé son image enfantine des années 2000 à la rebelle corporate. Miley a captivé les audiences avec ce que beaucoup considèrent comme un comportement choquant qui embrasse l’hédonisme et en se moquant des valeurs puritaines. Alors…
“Dancing In The Ruins Of The Western World”: Miley Cyrus And Social Entropy
For a very long time, Miley Cyrus embodied everything I hated about contemporary pop music. Meticulously groomed as a picture-perfect Disney sponsored pop starlet she seemed indistinguishable from the legions of similar cookie-cutter manufactured singers who came before her except for being the daughter of one-hit wonder Billy Rae Cyrus, which added bizarreness and nepotism…
Miley Cyrus and the Libertarian Renegade Culture
The most controversial and celebrated artist this year is, without a doubt, Miley Cyrus. Miley has quickly and flawlessly altered her image from 2000’s bubblegum sensation to corporate-sponsored rebel. Miley has captivated audiences with what many consider to be shocking performances that embrace hedonism and the mocking of puritan values. While many might consider her…
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