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Renewable Energy Doesn’t Exist Under Capitalism
— If desire shapes energy infrastructure, how do we build a non-extractive libido?  “For what happens to whomever does not want to recognize that political economy is libidinal, is that he reproduces in other terms the same phantasy of an externalized region where desire would be sheltered from every treacherous transcription into production, labour and…
Malati e Dannati
Di Walker Storz. Originale pubblicato il 18 aprile 2018 con il titolo The Sick and the Damned. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. “Capivo che la differenza tra sani e malati era così profonda da annullare ogni differenza in termini di intelligenza o razza.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald, Il Grande Gatsby Se il capitalismo produce inevitabilmente il…
The Sick and the Damned
Postliberal and neoliberal thought views the individual as totally cut off from a social body, simply a biological unit in which malfunctions can be addressed through medical or pharmacological interventions. The tragicomic result of this simultaneous pretense toward empathy (capitalism with a human face) and individualism is “self-care culture.” “Self care” becomes both an industry and a deflection from the very real problems that capitalism causes.
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