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Review of Why Managers Matter: The Perils of the Bossless Company
Nicolai J. Foss and Peter G. Klein. Why Managers Matter: The Perils of the Bossless Company (New York: Hachette Group, 2022). Why Managers Matter is a response to the excessive and sometimes gush celebration of flattened hierarchies among management faddists like 90s management fad Tom Peters and his successors. Ironically, this book reminds me of…
The Myth of the Private Sector, Part II: The Centrally Planned Global Economy
In the first installment of this series, I argued that the “public” vs. “private” distinction was in large part meaningless because the similarity in organizational style of centralized, hierarchical, and bureaucratically managed institutions outweighed their nominal ownership by the government or by private business. But there’s another sense in which the “private sector” is virtually…
Logiche Postmoderne in Azienda
Di Rai Ling. Originale pubblicato il 23 settembre 2019 con il titolo Postmodern Discourse in the Corporate Boardroom. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Ad un recente incontro d’affari ho capito come le gerarchie aziendali portino spesso a distorsioni della realtà e ad una concorrenza a somma negativa. Come analista, elaboro “quadri operativi” che forniscano istruzioni attendibili…
Postmodern Discourse in the Corporate Boardroom
During a recent business meeting, I noticed some ways in which corporate hierarchy leads to negative sum competition and distortions of reality. At my current job in data analytics, I build live business “dashboards” to provide actionable insights to upper management; this includes working with different departments to create new data pipelines and ensure the…
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