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“How to Kill a Man” on C4SS Media
C4SS Media presents Jonathan Carp‘s “How to Kill a Man” read by Trevor Hultner and edited by Nick Ford. But if we can’t face the man on his knees, and if we don’t want to see ourselves as the man holding the pistol, should we be killing at all? Clayton Lockett was tortured to death last night so we…
Abolishing Capital Punishment is Not Enough
After yet another terrifying botched execution, questions about whether the death penalty constitutes “cruel and unusual punishment” once again fill the air. Perhaps, though, now may be time to pose even more radical questions about criminal justice. The particular incident sparking national attention this time was a lethal injection in McAlester, Oklahoma that failed to…
How to Kill a Man
The government of Oklahoma did not botch an execution on Tuesday. When the administration of an untested combination of drugs fails, we do not describe the treatment as “botched,” but simply as a failed experiment. Last night, the government of Oklahoma conducted an unsuccessful experiment on a human being without his consent. This man, a…
Gary Chartier on the Trouble with Rawls
Gary Chartier shows that market anarchism satisfies Rawlsian demands of a system of justice.
The Weekly Abolitionist: Proportional Pizza
Whenever someone asks me about the problems of the prison state and why I would like to abolish the entire prison system, I just say, “read Nathan Goodman’s blog ya muppets!” I’m delighted to be writing this guest blog post for my pal Nathan, who does a wonderful job highlighting the problems and moral atrocities…
The Weekly Abolitionist: Robert Henry And State Sanctioned Torture
At C4SS, we recently received an action alert regarding an ongoing death penalty case in Florida. Here’s the action alert: Robert Henry needs your help. Less than 25 days remain until Florida executes Robert using makeshift science and a cruel, untested lethal cocktail. Governor Scott has signed a death warrant and scheduled Robert’s execution for…
La Lezione di Amanda Knox su Privilegi e Giustizia
Anche se forse senza rendersene conto, Amanda Knox, la cittadina americana condannata per omicidio dalle autorità italiane, ha fornito un esempio istruttivo sul significato del privilegio. Nel 2009 la Knox fu accusata di aver ucciso Meredith Kercher, una studentessa britannica con cui condivideva l’alloggio durante gli studi all’estero. Nel 2011, prima dell’assoluzione in seguito ad…
The Weekly Abolitionist: Prison Abolition And Dealing With Violent Crime
The natural question that emerges when one brings up prison abolition is: what would we do about violent crime and similar rights violations? I have several answers to this question. The first is that I don’t fully know. A free society would involve a diversity of institutions emerging and a market discovery process going on…
What Amanda Knox Teaches Us About Privilege And Systems of Justice
Although she may not realize it, Amanda Knox, the American citizen recently convicted of murder by the Italian government, has provided a teachable moment to illustrate what privilege is. In 2009, Knox was charged with murdering Meredith Kercher, a British student she roomed with while studying abroad. After being acquitted following an appeal in 2011,…
Private Violence
The new HBO documentary Private Violence, which recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, follows victim advocate Kit Gruelle as she helps various victims of domestic abuse seek justice and freedom from their abusers. Gruelle is a domestic violence survivor herself, and her own story of abuse is told alongside the stories of women who she assists….
Thought Crimes, School Shootings and the State
In our attempts to stop the monsters terrorizing our children, we have ourselves become monsters. We never notice when the transformation occurs. We don’t even fully realize it until years into our rampage. But one day, we wake up and look into the mirror, and the face peering back at us is unrecognizable. On Friday,…
Justice? Just Kidding!
It happens so often these days that it almost passes without notice: A young defendant, accused of some awful crime, is “charged as an adult.” Such is the case of 14-year-old Philip Chism of Andover, Massachusetts. The Danvers High School student, prosecutors allege, followed 24-year-old math teacher Colleen Ritzer into a bathroom, punched her in…
Liberty Minded Extended Interview With Gary Chartier
C4SS Trustee and Senior Fellow, Gary Chartier, discusses the prospects of achieving social justice through liberty with Jason Lee Byas and Grayson English of Liberty Minded.
Zimmerman and Manning: The Demands of Justice
Long after the February 2012 shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, defendant George Zimmerman, has been found not guilty by a jury of his peers. The case has remained a hot topic for media since it was first reported. The unarmed teenager was shot and killed in a street fight with Zimmerman, a 29-year-old member of his neighborhood…
True Justice Must Be Served For Guantanamo Detainees
President Barack Obama lifted a moratorium on transfers of Guantanamo bay detainees to Yemen – a moratorium he put in place. Why Obama put this moratorium into place after vowing, on a multitude of occasions, to do whatever he could to restore justice and shut down Gitmo is neither here nor there. I don’t intend…
Why Does Justice Have Good Consequences?
Roderick Long: I’m hoping to make you puzzled about a problem that has puzzled me on and off over the years. Misery loves company, I suppose —
Transgender Day of Remembrance
Goodman: Anti-transgender violence is a tremendous assault on liberty. Today, let’s remember the dead. Tomorrow, let’s fight for them.
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