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Should Today’s 193 Nations Divide into 1,600?
Interview of Dr. Chris Hables Gray by Hank Pellissier Should California, Scotland, Catalonia, Hawaii, Kurdistan and other regions secede for independence? Should today’s 193 nations divide into 1,600? “Yes (sort of),” says Chris Hables Gray, a “pragmatic anarchist feminist revolutionary” who works as a lecturer of Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz….
Perché i Genitori Dovrebbero Lasciare in Pace i Figli
Questo è un estratto modificato di Kith: The Riddle of the Childscape, scritto da Jay Griffiths. Siamo onorati dal fatto che Jay Griffiths ci abbia accordato il permesso di pubblicarlo su C4SS. E se la cosa migliore che potessimo fare per i nostri figli fosse semplicemente lasciarli in pace? Jay Griffiths spiega perché le attenzioni…
Why Parents Should Leave Their Kids Alone
What if the best thing we could do for our children is just to leave them alone? Jay Griffiths on why modern parenting is making our children miserable I felt as if I were an unwilling accomplice to torture. Echoes of the victim’s screams rang off the varnished walls. The door, tight shut though it…
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