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Mind Your Own Business, Bobby Jindal on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Kevin Carson‘s “Mind Your Own Business, Bobby Jindal” read by Ian Anderson and edited by Nick Ford. The “English only” movement is especially clueless. In most places practical necessity is a far greater incentive to learn English than anything they can come up with. And people are generally pretty smart about learning whatever languages…
Mind Your Own Business, Bobby Jindal
In a recent speech Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal announced “… we came to America to be Americans. Not Indian-Americans, simply Americans. … If we wanted to be Indians, we would have stayed in India” (The Hindu, January 16). He also argued that it’s entirely reasonable for nations to discriminate between would-be immigrants based on whether they…
Andrew Cuomo’s Big Solutions are the Problem
Re-elected New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s inaugural address was built around the purported necessity of big government since “there is no small solution to big problems.” Cuomo’s exemplar of a big government solution success story from New York state history: The Erie Canal. But that megaproject was not just a prototype for the industrial age’s spectacular engineering…
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