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Una Rivoluzione Verde Decentrata
Guida anarchica all’ambientalismo Di Logan Marie Glitterbomb. Originale pubblicato il 23 agosto 2018 con il titolo Decentralizing the Green Revolution: An Anarchist Guide to Environmentalism. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Davanti al problema dei cambiamenti climatici o di altre forme di inquinamento, abbiamo solitamente due strade: da un lato l’individuo con il riciclaggio, le luci spente,…
Decentralizing the Green Revolution: An Anarchist Guide to Environmentalism
When looking to solve the issue of climate change and other forms of environmental damage, people tend to look at two kinds of solutions: those targeting the individual, such as recycling, turning off your lights, bicycling, and unplugging your electronics when not in use, or more statist solutions, such as banning plastic straws, carbon taxes,…
Why Does Ron Bailey Hate Free Markets?
Reason‘s science editor Ron Bailey (“Pope Francis and Naomi Klein Both Hate Free Markets, Technological Progress, and Economic Growth,” Reason, June 29) refers to Naomi Klein as a “prominent hater of free markets,” adding that she also hates “technological progress and economic growth.” But based on my readings of both Klein and Bailey, I think…
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