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The Enragés: Anarcha-Genderism with Selena Q. Rose
For the 20th installment of The Enragés, host Eric Fleischmann was joined by Selena Q. Rose (@anarcho_gender) to discuss Selena’s articles How State Power Perpetuates Transphobic Violence (https://c4ss.org/content/56360) and Gender Anarchism: Tearing Down the Gender Hierarchy (https://c4ss.org/content/54814).  Selena Q. Rose (she/they) is a nonbinary transgender woman and a market anarchist who advocates for the…
Gender Anarchism: Tearing Down the Gender Hierarchy
[Hear an in-depth discussion on this article and its topics in this episode of The Enragés] The Anarcha-Genderist Manifesto The gender hierarchy is a pervasive system of social control across times and cultures. Like other unjust hierarchies perpetuated by state and nation, this system of social control has dramatically restricted the acceptable range of human…
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