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Libertarian Pertama*
Oleh: Chris Matthew Sciabarra. Teks aslinya berjudul “The First Libertarian” Diterjemahkan ke dalam Bahasa Indonesia oleh Iman Amirullah. (*Sebenarnya libertarian “dialektis” pertama!) Dalam review singkatnya atas The Political Philosophy of Herbert Spencer, Timothy Virkkala (Mei 1999) memuji diskusi Tim S. Gray tentang metodologi liberal klasik yang hebat sebagai sintesis dari pendekatan “individualis” dan “holistik” dalam…
Modern Markets as a Dialectic
This essay argues that markets are an ideational construct, constructed through a milieu of ideologies, power structures and authority relations. Rather than modern markets being spontaneously ordered mechanisms that have evolved naturally from the progressions of history, they are in instead constitutions of power and ideas, acting as a semiotic mechanism for underlying socio-economic realities….
Free Market Reforms and the Reduction of Statism on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents “Free Market Reforms and the Reduction of Statism” from the book Markets Not Capitalism, written by Kevin Carson, read by Stephanie Murphy and edited by Nick Ford. The default tendency in mainstream libertarianism is a high degree of statocracy, to the point not only of (quite properly) emphasizing the necessary role of state coercion in…
The First Libertarian*
(*Actually, the first “dialectical” libertarian!) In his short review of The Political Philosophy of Herbert Spencer, Timothy Virkkala (May 1999) praises Tim S. Gray’s discussion of the great classical liberal’s methodology as a synthesis of “individualist” and “holist” approaches to social theory. But Virkkala remarks This method–I’m tempted to call it “dialectical,” but Spencer’s prose…
Support C4SS with Charles Johnson’s “Liberty, Equality, Solidarity”
C4SS has teamed up with the Distro of the Libertarian Left. The Distro produces and distribute zines and booklets on anarchism, market anarchist theory, counter-economics, and other movements for liberation. For every copy of Charles Johnson’s “Liberty, Equality, Solidarity: Toward a Dialectical Anarchism” that you purchase through the Distro, C4SS will receive a percentage. Support C4SS with Charles Johnson’s “Liberty, Equality, Solidarity: Toward…
Dialectical Libertarianism
The measure of statism inheres in the functioning of the overall system, not in the formal statism of its separate parts.
Dialectics and Liberty
A genuinely radical project beckons, one that integrates the explanatory power of libertarian social theory and the context-keeping orientation of dialectical method.
“Capitalism”: The Known Reality
If libertarians continue to use the word “capitalism” as some kind of ahistorical ideal, they will forever be dismissed by the Left as rationalist apologists for a state-capitalist reality.
Does “Right to Work” Approximate a “Free Market?”
Defenders of “right to work,” arguing on [a dialectical] basis, say that such laws, while formal restrictions on freedom of contract, are really restrictions on the exercise of a prior, larger grant of monopoly privileges to unions.
A Libertarian in Solidarity with the Jimmy Johns Workers’ Union
Ross Kenyon takes a look at how libertarians instantly and unfairly discount labor movements as statist, when they are truly just reacting against the original statism of capitalists. Libertarians should look at this in a more even-keeled light!
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory