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El legado dual de la Declaración de Independencia
Roderick Long.  Artículo original: The Dual Legacy of the Declaration of Independence, publicado el 4 de julio de 2019. Traducido al español por Vince Cerberus. Nadie debería levantar las barras y estrellas el día 4. La bandera adecuada para izar el 4 de julio es la bandera negra de la anarquía. –Nick Manley El 4 de julio…
The Dual Legacy of the Declaration of Independence
No one should raise the stars and stripes on the 4th. The proper flag to raise on the 4th of July is the black flag of anarchy. – Nick Manley The Fourth of July commemorates the anniversary of the American Declaration of Independence, a document which the anarchist must view with mixed emotions. The document’s…
American Anarchism
On July 2nd, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed, officially breaking ties between the American colonies and the British empire. It is the idealism behind this document and American independence that folks across the United States will celebrate this 4th of July. The 4th is the central holiday of the summer season and liberty is…
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