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Non-Aggression, Self-Defense and the Death Penalty
A general maxim that most people live their lives by is the notion that coercion is only cool when someone coerced you first. That is, violence is never justified unless it’s used in self-defense. Most people don’t go around using violence to get what they want. Rather, they reserve their capacity for force for situations…
Would Marco Archer Survive in Brazil?
With the execution of Brazilian citizen Marco Archer in Indonesia on 01/17 for cocaine trafficking, one question remains: Will the war on drugs continue to revert the achievements of civilization with cruel and absurd penalties? It is not only Indonesia that punishes the purchase and sale of banned drugs. According to Harm Reduction International, an…
A Left-Libertarian Market Anarchist Take On The Death Penalty
There are two ways of approaching analysis of the death penalty. They are the practical and the moral. It’s the latter that most concerns me, but it’s important to note that the two can and do run together. A sole focus on practical considerations can lead one to justify anything and everything as long as…
The Weekly Libertarian Leftist And Chess Review 29
Steven Reisner discusses a letter to Obama about ending torture once and for all. Ralph Nader discusses a potential left-right alliance. Vincent Navarro discusses the Mondragon worker cooperatives in Spain. James Peron discusses how people who hate gays also hate capitalists in the context of the businesses refusing to discriminate against them. Qatryk interviews Roderick…
The Weekly Abolitionist: Robert Henry And State Sanctioned Torture
At C4SS, we recently received an action alert regarding an ongoing death penalty case in Florida. Here’s the action alert: Robert Henry needs your help. Less than 25 days remain until Florida executes Robert using makeshift science and a cruel, untested lethal cocktail. Governor Scott has signed a death warrant and scheduled Robert’s execution for…
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