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Understanding How Culture Propagates, Changes Everything
I cannot remember when I last saw a Von Dutch hat. I remember being offended twenty years ago, when for a time they were all over the place, on the heads of people imitating at third hand the ironic poses of other people who had never heard of Kenny Howard; who had no idea who…
Questioni di Appropriazione Culturale Rischiano di Favorire la Proprietà Intellettuale
[Di William Gillis. Originale pubblicato su Center for a Stateless Society il 25 maggio 2017 con il titolo When Concerns Of Cultural Appropriation Risk Supporting Intellectual Property. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna.] L’ultima ondata di panico in materia di giustizia sociale viene dalla mia città, dove qualcuno ha fatto una lista che mette alla gogna ambulanti…
When Concerns Of Cultural Appropriation Risk Supporting Intellectual Property
The latest entry in panics over social justice comes from my hometown, where some folks have created a list shaming restaurants and foodcarts that were owned by white people but sold “non-European international cuisine.” One of the more annoying restaurants on that list has now closed as a result of hate mail.
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