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Frontiere Chiuse e Economia in Nero
Di Emmi Bevensee. Originale pubblicato il 15 maggio 2018 con il titolo Closed Borders and Black Market Economics. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Nel 2012, il sedicenne José Antonio Elena Rodríguez fu ucciso a Nogales, in Messico, da un agente di confine che stava dall’altra parte del muro, in territorio statunitense. L’agente sparò stando una quindicina…
Closed Borders and Black Market Economics
In 2012, sixteen-year-old Jose Antonio Elena Rodríguez was murdered in Nogales, Mexico by a Border Patrol agent across the wall, on the U.S. side. The agent shot from behind the rusted iron slats, the existing border wall in Sonora, about 50 feet above the boy. The murderer claimed that the boy was “throwing rocks in…
Fiorina Claims She’s Not Part of the “Professional Political Class” on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Chad Nelson‘s “Fiorina Claims She’s Not Part of the ‘Professional Political Class’” read by Tony Dreher and edited by Nick Ford. While it’s refreshing to learn that Americans are waking up to the reality of a patristic, entrenched political elite, it’s distressing that Fiorina doesn’t consider herself and her fellow corporate…
Workers Already Pay the Price for Sellout Unionism
Ongoing Brazilian Federal Police investigations of construction companies involved in the billion-dollar Petrobras bribery scandal have predictably ruffled some feathers. Naturally, many who worry about the investigations wear white collars. However, according to the president of the Unified Workers Central (CUT) Vagner Freitas, if we put the suits behind bars, the biggest losers will be……
Political Reform: The New Government Buzzword
After the large scale protests throughout Brazil last Sunday, politicians, bureaucrats and the pro-government media are hurrying to talk about “political reform” as an answer to popular dissatisfaction — as opposed to the “coup-supporting” opposition who longs for president Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment. Marcelo Zero, for instance, preaches the party line and states that “those who…
The Revolution of Brazil – An Interview
Brazil is in a state of revolt. Demonstrations have been taking place all across South America’s largest country in over 350 Brazilian cities. Demonstrations against political corruption, poor education, poor healthcare, police violence, public transit costs and more are taking place on the streets. The public demonstrations are so large in scale that the nations political ruling…
Handicapped or Above the Law?
Ross Kenyon provides an example of why the most important functions of justice and protection are too important to allow coercive monopolies to provide them.
Anarchy and Democracy
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