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Voltairine de Cleyre on “Thing-Worship”
One of my favorite anarchists and writers of all time was recently featured by actress Mary Tuomanen. Tuomanen read an excerpt from perhaps my favorite essay by de Cleyre called The Dominant Idea and it was presented during the 2015 Voices of a People’s History at Plays and Players in Philadelphia. Just for some background, the main…
La Polizia è “Servita e Protetta” Ma non gradisce
Thomas Nestel, comandante della polizia dell’azienda di trasporti di Philadelphia, è atterrito dal fatto che i passanti si siano rifiutati di correre in aiuto di uno dei suoi agenti, Sam Wellington, pestato da uno dei suoi concittadini mentre stava cercando di arrestarlo. “Ero terrorizzato. Avevo paura per i miei agenti.” Bè, è difficile non provare…
Cops Get “Protected and Served,” Don’t Like It
Thomas Nestel, the Philadelphia Transit Authority police chief, is aghast over the refusal of bystanders to help a transit cop — Sam Wellington — being beaten up by one of their fellow citizens that he’d been trying to arrest. “I was horrified. I was frightened for my cops.” Well, it’s hard not to sympathize with…
Handicapped or Above the Law?
Ross Kenyon provides an example of why the most important functions of justice and protection are too important to allow coercive monopolies to provide them.
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