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Nessun Cittadino
Abbattere le frontiere, andare oltre lo stato nazione Di Leif J. Originale pubblicato il 12 agosto 2019 con il titolo No Citizens: Abolishing Borders Beyond the Nation-State. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. La semplice esistenza delle frontiere rappresenta una delle fondamentali ingiustizie del mondo. Molti lo riconoscono implicitamente, inutile ripetere quello che è stato spiegato da…
No Citizens: Abolishing Borders Beyond the Nation-State
The very existence of borders is one of the founding injustices of this world. Most of us recognize this implicitly, and I won’t spend too much time here trying to argue what’s been clearly argued by generations of anarchists: Borders and citizenship are constitutive elements of the nation-state, and as such must be overturned and…
Concerning a Defense of Government
According to one defense of government, citizens’ use of government services adequately explains and justifies the existence of political obligations. By attending government schools, walking on government sidewalks, and calling 911, citizens “tacitly agree” to taxation, jury duty, and military registration, or so the argument goes. One tempting rebuttal—that enforceable agreements cannot be tacit—fails pretty…
Mike Gogulski Interviewed For RT
C4SS Technology Coordinator and Stateless Ex-American, Mike Gogulski, was recently interviewed for an RT segment covering former US Citizens that have renounced their citizenship for tax reason or, in the case of Mike, moral reasons. “RT segment from April 15, 2013 in “honor” of US income tax day. Features noted figures Jet Li and Eduardo Saverin, who recently quit…
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