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Recensione: Business as a System of Power
Di Alex Aragona. Originale pubblicato il 28 settembre 2021 con il titolo Review: Business as a System of Power. Tradotto da Enrico Sanna. Business as a System of Power (Il business come sistema di potere, ndt), del 1943, è non solo un’importante saggio di storia e economia comparata, ma anche un’indagine sulla filosofia economica del…
Review: Business as a System of Power
Business as a System of Power (1943) serves as both a great piece of economic history and comparative economics, and as an exploration of timeless principles and observations on the nature and political economy of business power. Robert A. Brady’s extremely informative study establishes how business communities from around the industrialized world began, and continued,…
Mutual Markets vs. Corporate Capitalism: A Formulation
So, going through the final rounds of work on Markets Not Capitalism with Gary Chartier and the rest of the Collective has really been reminding me that I’ve accumulated a lot of occasional and fragmentary writing — papers, paragraphs, notes, etc. — that I really ought to have been collecting for this blog and sharing more…
Brief Introduction To Left-Wing Laissez Faire Economic Theory: Part Two
In this post, I continue my brief introduction to left-wing laissez faire economic theory. Let’s get started. After discussing Benjamin Tucker’s four big monopolies, the next big thing to discuss is that of contemporary mutualist/individualist anarchist – Kevin Carson. I already made use of some of his stuff, but I want to highlight the innovations…
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