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Sheldon Richman Interviewed on “Sgt. Bergdahl and the Fog of War”
C4SS Senior Fellow and Chair, Sheldon Richman, interviewed on the Rare show “Swapped Taliban detainees: Terrorists or prisoners of war?” hosted by contributor Kurt Wallace.
SGT. Bergdahl and the Fog of War
The “fog of war” is a reference to the moral chaos on the battlefield as well as the rampant confusion. Individuals kill others for no other reason than that they are ordered to. Things deemed unambiguously bad in civilian life are authorized and even lauded in war. The killing and maiming of acknowledged innocents —…
Bloodshed for Colors
The release and return of American POW Bowe Bergdahl started off as simply cause for relief and celebration for his family and friends. Thanks to politics, it keeps taking on additional layers of interpretation for others. The revelation that Bergdahl questioned the continuing mission in Afghanistan prior to his capture has many of the same people who usually…
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