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Bitcoin Obliterates ‘The State Theory Of Money’
Matonis: Bitcoin is not a governmental instrument of legal tender that requires regulatory legitimacy and coercion by law in order to gain acceptance.
Bitcoin: Roller Coaster of Love
Knapp: Is Bitcoin the end of political government? No, but it’s part of the beginning of the end of political government.
Air Guitars and Bitcoin Regulation
Jon Matonis: Bitcoin was designed from the outset to route around centralized, authoritarian interference
Bitcoin Prevents Monetary Tyranny
Jon Matonis: Bitcoin is not about making rapid global transactions with little or no fee. Bitcoin is about preventing monetary tyranny.
Торрент-деньги, теневая интернет-экономика и революция малых издержек
Карсоном: Если Bitcoin и не новый мессия теневой интернет-экономики, то по крайней мере, это Иоанн Креститель, проповедующий его приход.
Bitcoin, the Darknet Economy, and the Low Over-Head Revolution
Carson: If Bitcoin isn’t the Messiah of the darknet economy, at the very least it’s John the Baptist preaching its immanent arrival.
Bitcoin: What Comes Next?
Kevin Carson describes the road ahead for the alternative currency.
Bitcoin: With Enemies Like Schumer, Who Needs Friends?
Charles Schumer, a charter member (along with Lieberman, Hatch and Feinstein) of the US Senate’s authoritarian moral scold caucus, is at it again. Schumer, for those who don’t recall, exemplifies the managerialist heart of darkness of 20th century liberalism. That ideology might be personified, in the colorful phrase of libertarian commentator Joe Stromberg, as “the…
Bitcoin: More Important Than You Realize
Kevin Carson on why we stand on the brink of the Diamond Age.
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory