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​Ulasan: Business as a System of Power
Oleh: Alex Aragona. Diterjemahkan dari “Review: Business as a System of Power” oleh Iman Amirullah. Business as a System of Power (1943) berfungsi baik sebagai bagian besar dari sejarah ekonomi dan ekonomi komparatif, dan sebagai eksplorasi prinsip abadi dan pengamatan pada sifat dan ekonomi politik kekuatan bisnis. Studi Robert A. Brady yang sangat informatif menetapkan…
Recensione: Business as a System of Power
Di Alex Aragona. Originale pubblicato il 28 settembre 2021 con il titolo Review: Business as a System of Power. Tradotto da Enrico Sanna. Business as a System of Power (Il business come sistema di potere, ndt), del 1943, è non solo un’importante saggio di storia e economia comparata, ma anche un’indagine sulla filosofia economica del…
Review: Business as a System of Power
Business as a System of Power (1943) serves as both a great piece of economic history and comparative economics, and as an exploration of timeless principles and observations on the nature and political economy of business power. Robert A. Brady’s extremely informative study establishes how business communities from around the industrialized world began, and continued,…
The Servile Senate
The report found — shock! — that, in Ganos’ words, you guessed it, “our senators’ votes are influenced.”
“Capitalism” by Any Other Name…
no way that Big Biz could really be the villain of the tale
Obama’s Fifty Billion Dollar Corporate Gift
Ross Kenyon explains that Obama’s call for $50 billion to be spent on transportation infrastructure hurts local and regional businesses by subsidizing the transportation of goods from more distant firms, and thus further entrenches corporate domination of the marketplace.
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory