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Bailouts: Racism and Classism in a Billion Dollar Package
The New York Times recently published an article mentioning the failures of the government’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), a COVID-relief program meant to keep businesses afloat and people employed. The article noted that the PPP was not distributed fairly, with the lion’s share of funds going to White-owned businesses, while minorities got less. Coupled with…
El Capitalismo de Rescate, Episodio 34721: Chipre
D’Amato: “[C]uando la crisis y el desastre inevitablemente caen sobre las economías adulteradas y corporatistas, siempre se pretende que sea el pueblo el que le saque las papas del fuego a los políticos y sus patrones corporativos.”
Bailout Capitalism, Episode 34721: Cyprus
D’Amato: [W]hen crisis and disaster inevitably befall [the] doctored, corporatist economy, it is the whole populace which is expected to bail out the policymakers and their corporate masters.
The State Makes Serfs
Darian Worden on the politics of corporate control.
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